Saturday, 10 March 2018

Turning Brixham Blue.

I am delighted to be taking part in a Lottery funded project to explore the history of women in Brixham Devon.
Brixham is a small town on the South Devon coast of England which has a wonderful Fish Market.

"Annually, more than £25 million of fish is landed and auctioned. Buyers include national processors (for supplying to top restaurants and supermarkets), and local fishmongers and restaurants. A good 50% of the auction is exported worldwide."

Brixham remains a small tourist town with a wonderful sense of community.

The Fish Hawker project will be exploring the lives of the women who hawked fish around the streets. They were a hardy group of women who overcame many hardships to support themselves and their families.

As part of the project we will be embroidering aprons for costumes to be worn in a re-enactment at the Fish Stock Festival in early September.

A series of workshops being held as we move forward with the project.

This week has seen four days of Indigo dying workshops. They are free to attend and have given us some amazing results.

                              Indigo Blue fabric blowing in a breeze from the sea.

Threads, ribbons and silk cocoons Indigo dyed ready for stitching.

Indigo dyed silk scarves.

My role as Associate Artist is to teach the embroidery which will be used later to stitch fish on to the Aprons of the Fish Hawkers.

We begin at Brixham Museum on Monday 19th of March. Classes are free and everyone is welcome. 

I will post regularly whilst this project is running so keep popping in.

Angela. (@Maggie Lowe Designs)

Thursday, 21 September 2017

All things pretty.

I really like pretty accessories when I'm stitching. Designing this lovely needle case and scissor pocket filled that need.

These floral fabrics will remind me of summer as we move into autumn and winter.

It is a joy to sit and combine lots of simple stitches. I especially enjoy working the bullion roses.

I love to add embroidery to my quilts. This wonky cross quilt is embellished with lots of Bullion Roses to match the gorgeous fabric. I added hexagons with special words for a baby girl.

 It's wonderful to see how appliqué adds a new dimension to a pieced quilt.

Simple square blocks can be made to tell a story.

A quilt for Edith, with her house in the centre surrounded in an embroidered garden. These were beautiful colours to work with and I love the scalloped border.


Monday, 21 August 2017

Pretty Silk Clutch Purse.

Inspired by Apple Blossom in the Spring. I've used my own Hand-dyed and Devore fabric for my 'Textured Applique'. Each petal is individually created and applied using hand embroidery stitches.

I have used a medium weight Shandong Silk in Ivory for the outer part of the bag.

Inside is lined with an ivory tone on tone rose textured fabric and has a mirror pocket.

The beautiful crocheted table cloth was made by my Grandmother and was used when Sunday tea was served. It's still as perfect as the day it was made and holds many memories for me. Homemade bread and cakes sitting on exquisite china plates and tea in china cups. Everything was 'Just so!'


A smaller bag in Shell Pink Crushed Thai Silk would be a perfect gift for a bridesmaid.
Lined in White textured rose fabric and again with a pocket.

I love working with silk. This gorgeous Silk Satin Scarf perfectly complements this elegant Silk Clutch Bag.

The scarf has been through various dying processes layering colour on colour to create hidden memories that shimmer in the light.

The bag has also been carefully hand dyed. It has a subtle row of hand beading along the flap. Inside is lined with the same fabric. it has a magnetic clasp.

Team this with a simple Ivory dress and some statement jewellery to complete the look.

These are totally one of designer pieces and will not be repeated.

I'm searching through my fabric to create even more bags and purses. each one will be an individual art/statement piece.

Check out my ETSY SHOP just click on the link.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

One year of Stitches.

A new year and I started a new project with a Facebook group, 
"1 Year of Stitches". the idea is to make at least one stitch every day for the whole year.

So, the fabric went in the hoop and I began to stitch.

What started with one tiny flower has developed into a daily passion and I have created a garden.
This is just three months of stitching.

I haven't got any plans, I just stitch for the moment.

Because I have enjoyed it so much I was inspired to create a series of Monograms to sell as patterns and kits.

So starting with the letter "A" here is my progress so far.

Just five simple stitches.

Find the patterning my Etsy Shop Just click the link.

I have already stitched the letter
'B'and I'm working on the pattern. 

Watch this space.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Inktober: a month of drawing

I joined with thousands of artists during October who completed an ink drawing for each day of the month.

It has been very inspiring to see everyones work and a valuable experience to share and hear how others developed their work.

Check out my Instagram page to see all of my posts but meanwhile here are just a few.

My favourite thing to draw, Flowers.I've used fine liners over India ink brush marks to create a background.

Spinning seeds that have landed on my door mat. Just waiting to be drawn.

I've started adding some colour to the monochrome drawings and couldn't resist a stitched version.  

It's interesting how, just by drawing for an hour a day, I can see an improvement. To follow on with this I have enrolled in a Natural History Illustration course. This really is a test and harder than I thought. I'm working hard on observational drawing of objects, closely looking and trying to draw accurately. Each object has to be measured and detailed notes added. 

  Another task was to draw a landscape. These are trees at Hestercombe Garden in Somerset. I've used an unusual perspective, looking up into the canopy. It's my first attempt at landscape and again, harder than it looks.

This is only the second module and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Meanwhile I'm adding some luxury to my Etsy shop with these Devore and Silk Satin Scarves. Pop over and take a look.

                  From my 'Only a Rose' Collection.

Hand dyed, deep pink, silk satin wrap,

screen printed and beaded.

From my 'South Bank' Collection.

Arashi Shibori dyed silk satin in blue/grey with Devore design.

 Arashu Shibori dyed silk satin in aqua tones with Devore design.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Boho Textile Jewellery.

I have made a few pieces of textile jewellery at the beginning of the summer. It's a great way of adding complimentary pieces to my scarf and bag collections. I have been experimenting with different designs loosely inspired by the chatelaines worn by ladies. They were worn at the waist,a chain suspended with keys and trinkets.

From my South Bank Collection. Shibori dyed silk, glass and cracked agate beads. Works beautifully with a silk scarf and clutch bag for a special evening out.

I had some pretty vintage Abalone beads that contrast beautifully with the Blush Silk in this piece. I have combined hand dyed silk, cracked Agate and bronze seed beads. these are fixed to an burnished copper chain. Perfect with this hand dyed silk wrap and clutch bag.

 As a stand alone necklace this really sings. From a collection of Devore fabric designs "Colour Riot". I've combined them with this wonderful aqua glass to create a real statement piece.

You can find my work on my website which also has a link to my Etsy shop.

Im always looking for inspiration,so,during a day in London, I always have my camera in my bag. The colour and texture in this house in the East End really appealed to the artist in me. Who could resist the peeling paint and crumbling stonework. It could be my next project.

xox see you soon.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Silk Scarves and Special Pieces.

I've had three amazing years as a student and have now completed a BA Hons in Design. It has been a roller coaster ride at times with lots of ups and downs. 

I'm spreading my wings now and enjoying working to my own specifications. I am always intrigued to see the effects of dyes on fabrics and now I am adding lots of embellishment too.

I have been inspired by the work of Japanese Artist 'Yayoi Kusama' so these pieces are a tribute to her.

Silk georgette scarf. Hand dyed and painted.

Hand Dyed, hand painted, stitched and beaded pendant with Cracked Agate beads.

Hand dyed, hand painted,machine embroidered Silk Georgette Scarf.

Hand dyed, hand painted, beaded and stitched pendant, with Cracked Agate Beads.

It's so nice to work doing what love. My inspiration is everywhere. From the beaches to the beautiful countryside where I live, from all the images on my camera and all the amazing artists out there.

These items are listed in My ETSY shop.

Love to here what you think.xox 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

At last. My final collection as a student.

Yes! Finally!! My last collection as a student. It has been an interesting three years. 

Now it's almost the end.

This collection silk scarves and clutch bags have been inspired by the architecture along London's River Thames. The eclectic mixture of old and new, the diversity of building materials and colours are wrapped up in my work.

Colour, texture, stitch. It’s all about the fabric.

I work with natural fibres, silk, linen, cotton and wool to create unique, bespoke designs.

Building layers of subtle yet rich colour by using Japanese Shibori dyeing. My pieces go through several processes using shape resist methods. I mix my own dyes and am amazed by the results. I dye, overdye then paint, then even dye again, manipulating the cloth, creating hidden memories.

Colour on colour on colour, with each layer waiting to see the magic. Finally, I add line, form and texture with machine stitch, hand embroidery and beads.

So! What next?

I plan to take a break to spend time enjoying the summer spending time with my family and collecting ideas for some new work.

Now I can explore all those ideas that have been waiting to be given time.

Watch this space.Or!! visit my website

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Arashi Shibori.

I love walking the Riverside Walk along the River Thames in London. Using the sights and sounds of the city path I have created a collection of fabric designs and silk scarves. The river and two small drain covers by Southwark Bridge were my main inspiration

The Arashi Shibori technique of dying gives the effect of flowing water. I'm pleased with the results both on silk habotai and silk chiffon.

The designs from the drain covers formed part of the collection suitable for fashion garments. I've used screen print, machine embroidery and reverse appliqué over hand dyed Thai silk for the panel on the right. The model on the left has a silk organza wrap.
The scarves are all shibori dyed.  

I had a length of medium weight silk georgette which dyed beautifully. I used it to make a clutch bag which has been machine embroidered with a double thread then hand beaded.

This collection is all on various weights of silk which have been dyed in shades of grey, teal and turquoise. Subtle, simple but effective.

Monday, 15 February 2016

A new name and a new look.

2016 brings a new name and a new look to my blog. I have decided to use a shorter and snappier name for my design work.

After nearly three years working towards a BA Hons in design I'm almost there. Just two more modules to hand in.

Here are some images from the first module this year.  An evening wear collection.

Inspired by the stunning roses at Hestercombe in Somerset.  The garden planting was designed by Gertrude Jekyll. The colour palettes are big and bold, a glorious sight in summer.
 Using a combination of hand drawn designs in a rich red and rose pink which are then screen  printed on silk and crepe before adding hand and machine embroidery and beadwork.