Saturday, 2 April 2016

Arashi Shibori.

I love walking the Riverside Walk along the River Thames in London. Using the sights and sounds of the city path I have created a collection of fabric designs and silk scarves. The river and two small drain covers by Southwark Bridge were my main inspiration

The Arashi Shibori technique of dying gives the effect of flowing water. I'm pleased with the results both on silk habotai and silk chiffon.

The designs from the drain covers formed part of the collection suitable for fashion garments. I've used screen print, machine embroidery and reverse appliqué over hand dyed Thai silk for the panel on the right. The model on the left has a silk organza wrap.
The scarves are all shibori dyed.  

I had a length of medium weight silk georgette which dyed beautifully. I used it to make a clutch bag which has been machine embroidered with a double thread then hand beaded.

This collection is all on various weights of silk which have been dyed in shades of grey, teal and turquoise. Subtle, simple but effective.


  1. These pieces are gorgeous, Angela! I love your new style and the colors you used. I look forward to seeing what you will create in the future.

    1. Thanks Julia. It's good to hear from you.xox


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