Monday, 7 November 2016

Inktober: a month of drawing

I joined with thousands of artists during October who completed an ink drawing for each day of the month.

It has been very inspiring to see everyones work and a valuable experience to share and hear how others developed their work.

Check out my Instagram page to see all of my posts but meanwhile here are just a few.

My favourite thing to draw, Flowers.I've used fine liners over India ink brush marks to create a background.

Spinning seeds that have landed on my door mat. Just waiting to be drawn.

I've started adding some colour to the monochrome drawings and couldn't resist a stitched version.  

It's interesting how, just by drawing for an hour a day, I can see an improvement. To follow on with this I have enrolled in a Natural History Illustration course. This really is a test and harder than I thought. I'm working hard on observational drawing of objects, closely looking and trying to draw accurately. Each object has to be measured and detailed notes added. 

  Another task was to draw a landscape. These are trees at Hestercombe Garden in Somerset. I've used an unusual perspective, looking up into the canopy. It's my first attempt at landscape and again, harder than it looks.

This is only the second module and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Meanwhile I'm adding some luxury to my Etsy shop with these Devore and Silk Satin Scarves. Pop over and take a look.

                  From my 'Only a Rose' Collection.

Hand dyed, deep pink, silk satin wrap,

screen printed and beaded.

From my 'South Bank' Collection.

Arashi Shibori dyed silk satin in blue/grey with Devore design.

 Arashu Shibori dyed silk satin in aqua tones with Devore design.

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