Thursday, 30 March 2017

One year of Stitches.

A new year and I started a new project with a Facebook group, 
"1 Year of Stitches". the idea is to make at least one stitch every day for the whole year.

So, the fabric went in the hoop and I began to stitch.

What started with one tiny flower has developed into a daily passion and I have created a garden.
This is just three months of stitching.

I haven't got any plans, I just stitch for the moment.

Because I have enjoyed it so much I was inspired to create a series of Monograms to sell as patterns and kits.

So starting with the letter "A" here is my progress so far.

Just five simple stitches.

Find the patterning my Etsy Shop Just click the link.

I have already stitched the letter
'B'and I'm working on the pattern. 

Watch this space.

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