Saturday, 10 March 2018

Turning Brixham Blue.

I am delighted to be taking part in a Lottery funded project to explore the history of women in Brixham Devon.
Brixham is a small town on the South Devon coast of England which has a wonderful Fish Market.

"Annually, more than £25 million of fish is landed and auctioned. Buyers include national processors (for supplying to top restaurants and supermarkets), and local fishmongers and restaurants. A good 50% of the auction is exported worldwide."

Brixham remains a small tourist town with a wonderful sense of community.

The Fish Hawker project will be exploring the lives of the women who hawked fish around the streets. They were a hardy group of women who overcame many hardships to support themselves and their families.

As part of the project we will be embroidering aprons for costumes to be worn in a re-enactment at the Fish Stock Festival in early September.

A series of workshops being held as we move forward with the project.

This week has seen four days of Indigo dying workshops. They are free to attend and have given us some amazing results.

                              Indigo Blue fabric blowing in a breeze from the sea.

Threads, ribbons and silk cocoons Indigo dyed ready for stitching.

Indigo dyed silk scarves.

My role as Associate Artist is to teach the embroidery which will be used later to stitch fish on to the Aprons of the Fish Hawkers.

We begin at Brixham Museum on Monday 19th of March. Classes are free and everyone is welcome. 

I will post regularly whilst this project is running so keep popping in.

Angela. (@Maggie Lowe Designs)

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